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Extraction efficiency of centrifugal Fan and Test requirements

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 12, 2018

In the process of using centrifugal fan , the exhaust efficiency of the centrifugal fan directly affects the air volume of the fan . In the normal circumstances , the exhaust efficiency of the fan is directly related to the economic cost of our users . Therefore , the air extraction efficiency of the centrifugal fan is often the most concern of our users . Two methods to improve the air extraction efficiency of the centrifugal fan are improved .

1. For the centrifugal fan, the convexity of the separator is directly related to the efficiency of the fan. Because of the convex of the separator, the air flow field is extremely irregular, which makes the pumping effect poor. It is very helpful to improve the pumping efficiency of centrifugal fan by changing the shape of the separator and adopting the form of layout, which is also a widely used method.

2. The extraction efficiency of centrifugal fan will also be affected by other factors. In the stable air flow field, it can maintain the stability of the pumping efficiency of the fan.


The product manual should be read carefully while testing the centrifugal fan and check whether the wiring method is in accordance with the wiring diagram. When testing, the number of people is not less than two, one person controls the power supply, one person observes the fan operation, and the abnormal phenomenon is found to be stopped immediately to check.


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