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Working principle of centrifugal Fan

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2018

According to the principle that kinetic energy is converted into potential energy, centrifugal fan accelerates gas by using high speed rotating impeller, then slows down, changes the direction of flow and converts kinetic energy into potential energy (pressure). In the single stage centrifugal fan, the gas enters the impeller from the axial direction and changes into the radial direction when the gas flows through the impeller, then enters the diffuser.

In the diffuser, the gas changes the flow direction and causes deceleration, which converts kinetic energy into pressure energy. The pressure increase occurred mainly in the impeller, and then in the spreading process. In the multi-stage centrifugal fan, the air flow enters the next impeller with a backflow device, resulting in higher pressure.


The working principle of centrifugal fan is basically the same as that of turbine compressor, because the gas flow velocity is low and the pressure changes little, the change of specific volume of gas is generally not considered, that is to say, the gas is treated as an incompressible fluid.

Centrifugal fans can be made into two types: right-handed and left-handed. Facing squarely from one side of the motor, the impeller rotates clockwise, called right rotating fan, impeller counterclockwise rotation, called left rotating fan.


Centrifugal fan consists of housing, spindle, impeller, bearing drive mechanism and motor.

Housing: made of steel plate, can be divided into integral and half-open, half-open for easy maintenance.

Impeller: consists of blades, curved front plates and flat plates.

Rotor: overbalance and dynamic balance should be done to ensure smooth rotation and good performance.

Transmission: main shaft, bearing box, rolling bearing and pulley (or coupling).http://www.jnblower.com/

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