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The essentials of shaping Technology of centrifugal Fan Impeller

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 04, 2018

At present, the wheel hub of the centrifugal fan impeller is generally made of stainless steel, which forms a whole by the form of the front and back side welding of the cover plate and the cover plate. Therefore, the process level and the machining precision of the impeller are very high.

In the machining of centrifugal fan impeller, during shaping and annealing, the workpiece is fixed by special shaping tool, and the workpiece is placed in the vacuum annealing furnace together with the workpiece. The temperature rises to 450 ℃ -470 ℃ with the furnace, and then cooled with the furnace after heat preservation for 2.5h-3h. When the furnace temperature is lower than 150 ℃, the air is cooled to room temperature. On the one hand, the welding residual stress can be eliminated, on the other hand, the deformation of blade and disk can be corrected, which lays the foundation for ensuring the design performance of impeller.

When the centrifugal fan wheel cap is welded, the surface sundries of the workpiece are cleaned and assembled, and the protruding part of the blade is inserted into the plug welding groove of the wheel cover. After pressing and welding, the plug weld is welded. To strengthen the protection of ammonia gas in the welding high temperature area, weld surface and base metal surface welding level.

In a word, the impeller shaping process of the centrifugal fan is simple and easy to operate, and improves the strength of the weld. It solves the problem of large welding deformation of the fan, improves the comprehensive performance of the fan, and the method of welding after the casting, the impeller and the sheet metal forming.http://www.jnblower.com/

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