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Noise attenuation requirements and Model selection of centrifugal Fan for Boiler

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 06, 2018

In the process of selecting the type of boiler centrifugal fan, it is necessary to avoid using its fan in parallel or in series. If its equipment is inevitable, it should choose the same type and the same performance ventilator to work together. When used in series, there should be a certain connection between the first stage fan and the second stage fan.

In the process of selecting the boiler centrifugal fan , it should be preferred that the selection efficiency is high and the machine number is small , the adjustment range of the whole equipment is large , and it is of course also to be compared and weighed . When the motor power of the boiler is selected to be less than or equal to 75kw , it is not necessary to install only the valve for startup . When the high - temperature flue gas or air is discharged to select the fan of the centrifugal boiler , the valve for startup shall be provided to prevent overload during cold operation .

To a certain extent, the fan with high efficiency and low speed of impeller circumference should be selected effectively for the ventilating system of boiler centrifugal fan which is required for its noise attenuation to a certain extent, and make it work at the highest efficiency point. According to the transmission mode of noise and vibration produced by ventilation system, corresponding measures should be taken to reduce noise and vibration. Vibration absorption measures for fans and motors may generally be based on vibration absorbers, such as spring shock absorbers or rubber shock absorbers, etc.


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