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Centrifugal Fan Introduction Of Gas

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Centrifugal fans are mechanically driven by input mechanical energy, which increases the gas pressure by sending gas by side. Centrifugal fan is widely used in factories, mines, ventilation, Centrifugal Fan dust removal and cooling of tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings, ventilation and draught of boilers and industrial furnaces, cooling and ventilation in air conditioning equipment and household appliances, drying and sending of cereals, air of wind tunnels and inflatable and propulsion of hovercraft.

Centrifugal fan mainly by: impeller, chassis, couplings, shafts. Centrifugal Fan The impeller is the main work component which produces the wind pressure and transmits the energy; the casing is mainly used to introduce the gas and the gas, and the gas part of the kinetic energy into the pressure energy, the coupling is used to connect the motor and the fan, the transmission torque;

Centrifugal fan blades between the gas in the impeller rotation, Centrifugal Fan by centrifugal force to obtain kinetic energy (dynamic pressure head) from the periphery of the impeller, through the volute shell of the guide, so that the fan outlet flow, so that the central part of the impeller to form a negative pressure, so that the flow of external airflow to replenish, so that the wind function exhaust gas.

Centrifugal fan is a DC-speed motor, the speed is through the adjustable resistance to change the controllable silicon conduction angle, then by SCR control rectifier to reach the motor at both ends of the voltage to achieve control speed, the motor speed instability, from the principle of analysis, Centrifugal Fan the following four situations are possible.

(1) One of the four rectifier diodes is only a problem

(2) The motor rotor and rectifier between the toner or carbon brush itself undesirable, in the first easy after the difficult repair principle, first of all, the measurement of adjustable resistance, resistance with the regulation of the regular changes, the proof of the potentiometer is good, Centrifugal Fan and then the measurement of silicon can not be found problem, because the diode is a large current gold sealing tube, one end of the screw fastening on the circuit board, The other end with wire welding to the circuit board, from the circuit board removed, found that the positive and negative very loose phenomenon, and then the side of the measurement of shaking, Centrifugal Fan confirmed that the diode when good and bad.

(3) SCR is also a lot of problems, usually the breakdown short-circuit, open circuit, can not trigger or internal contact bad.

(4) Adjustable resistance, cabinet-type centrifugal fan because of the adjustable resistance installed in the control Panel, the use of very high frequency, long time, the occurrence of poor contact is very common.

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