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Axial Fan Higher Requirements

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

The movable vane adjustable axial flow fan can change the operating condition of the fan by adjusting the opening degree of the moving vane on line. This is mainly dependent on the hydraulic control mechanism in the hub to achieve, each blade angle adjustment involves a series of adjustment components, so the installation of the components, Axial Fan and the parts of the deformation, wear requirements are higher, Axial Fan hydraulic dynamic vane regulation system structure. Influence of dynamic vane regulating structure on vibration the main part of the single stage impeller blade opening different steps, two-stage impeller of the blade opening is not synchronized and adjust the parts themselves eccentric 3 aspects.

Single-stage impeller partial blade opening is mainly due to sliding block wear, Axial Fan adjusting rod and crank with loosening, petiole guide bearings and thrust bearings caused by rotation. These components are the driving mating parts between the hydraulic cylinders to the moving blades, Axial Fan will cause some of the fan blade opening is not in place, and the fan blade weight and installation radius are large, some of the fan blade opening inconsistent will produce a serious imbalance in quality, resulting in a high speed fan vibration.

1 The vibration spectrum and ordinary mass are unbalanced, vibration fault spectrum in the main frequency components, at the same time, some of the blade synchronization will produce a certain amount of air pulsation, so that the vibration spectrum of the blade through the frequency and its harmonic, Axial Fan some parts of the wear and loosing will have a certain non-linear impact, so that the vibration spectrum of high-frequency higher harmonic components, This is relatively obvious in the spectrum of vibration velocity, which is almost not observed in the displacement spectrum.

2 The amplitude of the fan is unstable, the amplitude change mainly occurs in the dynamic leaf opening adjustment process, when the dynamic leaf opening degree is stable, Axial Fan the amplitude basically remains stable, sometimes changes gradually with the dynamic leaf opening degree change.

3 at the beginning of the speed to work speed, wind motor leaves open or small, the fan amplitude is generally small.

For the two-stage movable vane adjustable axial-flow fan, there is also the problem that the blade opening of the two-stage impeller is not synchronized. The main reason is the abrasion of the copper sleeve of the hydraulic actuator or the abrasion deformation of the connecting rod between the two-stage thrust plate. The connecting rod is mainly used for synchronizing the axial displacement between the secondary thrust disk, Axial Fan and the wear and deformation of the connecting rod will cause the displacement of the two-stage thrust disc to be different step, which leads to the change of the opening degree of the two-stage moving leaf. Axial Fan The wear of the hydraulic cylinder copper sleeve, the local crack, the deformation and the center axle gap become larger will result in the two stage dynamic Leaf's opening adjustment overall not to be in place, thus makes the two stage dynamic leaf open degree to be inconsistent.

Because all the blade opening of a single impeller is synchronized, therefore, the dynamic balance of the rotor is not obviously affected, Axial Fan so the frequency ratio of the vibration fault spectrum is relatively small, which mainly produces a larger blade through the frequency, and in the case of loose serious, Axial Fan there will be high frequency harmonic components. Axial Fan The amplitude is generally at a certain load (dynamic leaf opening), and the amplitude fluctuates, in which the frequency of the power frequency and the blade are fluctuated, while the amplitude is relatively small at other loads or without load.

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