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Correct maintenance and maintenance is an important guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of the fan and the improvement of its service life.

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Correct maintenance and maintenance is an important guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of the fan and the improvement of its service life. Therefore, in the use of fan, must cause sufficient attention.

1 repair and maintenance of impeller

At the beginning of the impeller operation and during all periodic inspections, it is necessary to examine the impeller for defects such as cracks, wear, dust accumulation and so on whenever it has the opportunity to do so.

Whenever possible, the impeller must be kept clean and regularly brushed with steel wire to remove the accumulated dust and rust, etc., as the dust is not evenly attached to the impeller as the running time increases. And causes the impeller balance to destroy, even causes the rotor vibration.

Once the impeller has been repaired, it needs to be rebalanced. If conditions are available, the portable test balancing instrument can be used to balance in the field. All fastening bolts must be checked before balancing. These bolts may have been loose because the impeller has been running under unbalance for some time.

2 maintenance of fan and intake chamber

In addition to regular inspection of the housing and intake chamber for serious wear and removal of serious dust accumulation, these areas may not be subject to other special maintenance.

Check that all fastening bolts are fastened regularly and press the butterfly spring on the bottom foot to the installation height specified in the drawing for the fan with the press bolt.

3 maintenance of bearing department

Check the oil supply of bearing lubricating oil regularly. If there is a leak in the box, tighten the bolt of the end cover a little. If this is not possible, you may have to replace the new packing with the seal.

4 maintenance of remaining supporting equipment

All supporting equipment including motor, electric actuators, instrumentation and other maintenance details are provided in their instructions. These instructions are supplied by various manufacturers.

5 maintenance of fan when it stops using

When the fan is stopped, when the ambient temperature is below 5 degC, the remaining water of the equipment and piping should be released to avoid freezing equipment and pipelines.

6. Maintenance of long-term parking and storage of fan

(1) apply antirust oil to the surfaces of bearings and other major components to prevent corrosion.

(2) the fan rotor should manually move the rotor half circle (180 °) manually every half month or so. Before moving, it should be marked at the shaft end so that the original top point, after moving the rotor, lies at the bottom.http://www.jnblower.com/

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