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Axial Fan Analysis Of Impeller Damage

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 22, 2017

Using Unqualified Materials To reduce costs, manufacturers will seek cheaper gel coat, resin or fiber, and if these materials do not meet the blade design requirements, this will cause the blades to fail quickly. 1.2.2 Strict quality control The lack of quality control in the production process is one of the main causes of leaf problems. In the production process must be set in the key aspects of quality inspection points, only through the quality of the process inspection, production and processing to continue. If you ignore or do not exist these test points, the production process is difficult to guarantee, there will be quality problems. The quality inspection of the production process and the test of the factory product are an important part of the quality control system. The manufacturer must ensure the continuous improvement of the product quality and avoid sending the defective leaves to the customer. For example, in March 2008, the company would spend $ 25 million to repair the cracked leaves found in the United States, and the repair work would be more than six months. 1.2.3 modify the production process without authorization

When the manufacturer decides to change the process, it must be approved by the design department according to the normal procedure and verified by the quality. The unauthorized process will lead to the failure of the product quality. 1.2.4 Production process is too complex to produce the same quality products If the production process is too complex, it is difficult to mass production of consistent quality products. 1.3 natural causes

 Lightning strikes are one of the main causes of blade damage. If the lightning protection system is not working properly, when the lightning strikes a blade, the current will be transmitted directly to the generator. If the leaves have shredded eyes, they will accumulate water, and when they are struck by lightning, the water will evaporate instantaneously. The steam pressure will cause the blades to explode or crack, which is catastrophic and fatal to the unit. Although we can not control the natural phenomenon of lightning, but if you often check the blade lightning protection system, repair the problem of lightning protection system, the tip of the drainage hole in the clean up the impurities, you can maximize the protection of the leaves, The 1.3.2 particles in the air due to the rotation of the blade, it will inevitably produce friction with the particles in the air and impact. In many cases, the blade tip speed exceeds 70 m / s, at which the particles in the air will cause the leading edge to wear and the leading edge will crack. Even if not structural damage, leading edge wear will cause a lot of power loss.

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