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Treatment of misalignment between Fan and Motor Coupling

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 25, 2018

The fan and motor are connected by couplings to transfer motion and torque. Misalignment is the most common fault of fan, fan fault 60% and wrong correlation. The misalignment fault of the fan refers to the degree of inclination or deviation between the shaft center line and the bearing center line of the two rotors of the fan and motor. The main reasons for the misalignment of the fan rotor system are: 1) the air gap of bearing is too large or the ball is a little corroded, this kind of situation is usually caused by insufficient lubrication or poor oil quality, and it is easy to cause vibration due to misalignment, so the bearing should be replaced according to the situation. 2) the bearing seat is offset by Megatron for a long time. Because the vibration of large fan is inevitable, it is easy to cause a slight loosening of the pedestal fastening bolt, and the consequence is to cause misalignment and vibration. 3) the main motor itself. The large motor requires high dynamic balance itself, the long running time due to various reasons, the motor itself dynamic balance damage and so on. In the process of rotating, a series of dynamic effects unfavorable to the operation of the equipment will occur in the rotor system of the fan, which will cause deflection of the coupling, wear of the bearing, steady state of the oil film and deflection of the shaft, etc. The force on the rotor and the additional force on the bearing cause the abnormal vibration of the fan and the early damage of the bearing. At present, we usually take the original method to deal with the misalignment fault of the fan. Firstly, the main axis of the fan is found to be horizontal, and the impeller is rotated to ensure that the horizontal deviation of the main shaft of the fan is within the range of each point. Then the fan and motor coupling to find a moderate, generally using a percentile, divided into four points to detect the runout, to ensure that the four point runout in the technical range, The advanced method can be solved by laser alignment instrument, convenient and fast.http://www.jnblower.com/

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