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Rational selection of Axial flow Fan and Motor Power

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 06, 2019

The operation of axial fan is mainly driven by the amount of motor, in fact, any equipment is the same, if you want to run, you must have a similar "engine". In selecting the motor of the axial fan, it is always hoped that the motor can drive the impeller quickly to the rated speed and work normally. The starting of the motor includes the whole process of starting and accelerating. The starting mode is divided into full pressure starting and decompression starting.

The axial flow fan needs to select the starting method of the motor reasonably. It must be analyzed concretely according to the capacity of the power supply network, the requirement of the starting torque of the mechanical load, the characteristics of the motor, and so on. In order to obtain the specified start time.

When the axial flow fan reaches the normal speed, it should be measured whether the fan input current is normal or not, and the operating current of the centrifugal fan should not exceed its rated current. If the operating current exceeds its rated current, check that the supply voltage is normal.

The motor power required by axial flow fan means that under certain working conditions, when the inlet of centrifugal fan and fan box is fully opened, the required power is greater. If the inlet is fully open for operation, the motor is in danger of damage. It is best to close the valve on the inlet or outlet pipeline of the fan when the fan is running, and gradually open the valve after operation, and pay attention to whether the running current of the fan exceeds the rated current.

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