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How can the centrifugal fan exhaust efficiency be improved?

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 25, 2017

Consider from the angle of centrifugal fan, it has great influence of the extraction efficiency. For example, the centrifugal fan's air volume will depend mainly on it. Not only that, but usually the exhaust efficiency of the air blower is also directly related to the economic cost. In this case, our goal should be to improve the centrifugal fan exhaust efficiency. How can this be achieved?

We can see that from summary of work experience in the past, in order to improve the effect of the use of centrifugal fan and  improve the suction efficiency, it is necessary to know what is the key factor affecting the efficiency of the exhaust fan, in order to know the fundamental solution to the problem.

Considering the special structure of the centrifugal fan, the convex partition condition and fan pumping efficiency has a direct connection, because the convex partition will make the air flow is extremely irregular, so the suction effect of centrifugal fan is poor.

Therefore, changing the suction plate shape, the layout of the form, is very helpful for centrifugal fan suction efficiency, and this is also a method used widely. In addition, The exhaust efficiency of centrifugal fans will also be influenced by other factors, such as the outside world. In a steady air flow field, it can keep the stability of fan's suction efficiency well. Once the circumferential uniformity and radial uniformity are destroyed, it may cause abnormal flow phenomena such as stall of fans.

It has been proved by practice that the pumping efficiency of the centrifugal fan can be improved by the method mentioned above, but not for all fans. Therefore, we should choose the way to improve the fan according to the actual situation and restrictions of the place.

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