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Classification and transmission mode of blade of centrifugal fan in power station

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2018

In order to meet the user ' s practical requirements , the centrifugal fan of the power station needs to be designed according to the actual conditions . In order to meet the actual requirements of users , the design of the centrifugal fan of the power station must be carried out at the angle of the user . First , it is necessary to select the blade as a structural form .

To a certain extent, the centrifugal fan of the power station needs to choose the suitable transmission mode. In this case, not only the requirements of the rotating speed of the equipment should be considered, but also the working environment of the fan equipment should be taken into account effectively to a certain extent. The protection and cooling of motor and bearing should be taken into account in its high temperature and dusty working environment. Then on the volute shape size choice, generally speaking, volute shape size should be as small as possible.

In the process of operation of centrifugal fan in power station, if the demand for its rotation number is relatively high, it is suggested to select its shortened cochlear shape to a certain extent. The main reason for the operation is that the standard cochlear shape is generally used in the low specific rotation fan. Sometimes in order to reduce the volute size, the outlet velocity of the volute is larger than the inlet speed of the fan, and the outlet diffuser is used to increase the static pressure. The next step is to select the blade outlet angle. In fact, the blade outlet angle is one of the main geometric parameters to be selected in design.

In order to make it easy to distinguish and choose, we usually divide the blade of the power plant centrifugal fan into several types: strong back bend blade (pump type), back curved blade, back bend blade, back curved wing shaped blade, radial outlet blade, radial straight blade, front bend blade, strong front bend blade (multi wing blade). Meanwhile, we should pay attention to choice at the same time. The number of suitable blades.



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