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Centrifugal fan with different overload conditions and the role of the inverter

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

Centrifugal fan, the circuit overload and motor overload, is the same? Box type centrifugal fan in the single suction and double suction, there is a difference? In addition, the centrifugal fan frequency and frequency, the difference between it? The main purpose of these questions is to draw the content of the article, and at the same time, to completely solve, so that we can have a correct understanding, rather than the wrong concept.

1.The centrifugal fan circuit is overloaded and the motor is overloaded. Are they the same?

In the centrifugal fan, the circuit overload refers to the current in the circuit or voltage is too large, while the motor overload, refers to the actual motor power exceeds its rated power. So, from this point of view, these two are not the same.

2.Are there any differences between single suction and double suction in box centrifugal fans?

This problem, from a professional point of view, the answer is having distinction. There are mainly the following points:

first, their work principle is different, and then, in the working pressure requirements, is different; second, in air volume requirements and manufacturing and assembly requirements, is not the same. 

3. Is there any difference between frequency conversion or not of centrifugal fan?

They do have some difference between frequency conversion or not. The function of inverter is similar to damper actuators, mainly to adjust the air flow of centrifugal fan.

The above mentioned these problems are on the centrifugal fan of this kind of fan, so, will give a specific answer, so that we have learning objectives, and at the same time, you can also learn, so that they have a thorough understanding and correct Understanding, rather than I do not know how to answer, thus affecting the normal use of the fan, and its use effect.

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