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Axial location and airflow trend of inserted centrifugal Fan

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 23, 2018

The general structure of plug-in centrifugal fan is mainly composed of stator, rotor, lubrication system, monitoring and protection system, bearing supporting system, sealing parts, regulating parts, power system and so on. The motor transfers the power to the fan impeller through the shaft, and the impeller rotates the energy to the air. Under the action of the rotation, the air produces centrifugal force, and the blade of the air extension fan impeller diffuses around. In this case, the bigger the fan impeller is, The more energy the air receives, the greater the pressure head of the fan.

The main function of axial positioning of inserted centrifugal fan is to cause linear expansion and body expansion of shaft system due to rotor heating when the fan is in operation. The reservation of volume expansion is ensured by radial processing, and the reservation of linear expansion is determined by axial location, which can not be too large or too small.

Although the plug-in centrifugal fan is allowed to start at full voltage or at lower voltage, pay attention to the rated current at full voltage starting, which is directly proportional to the square of current. When the power network capacity is insufficient, the reduced voltage start should be adopted. For a plug-in centrifugal fan, its performance is not only related to the movement of the fluid in the impeller, but also to the components passing through after the impeller flow out, including the spiral chamber, tongue and diffuser that make up the fan's shell.

The blade of insert centrifugal fan is mostly wing twist blade, which is made of twisting blade to ensure the equal energy head along the blade radius under the design condition. When the impeller rotates, the circumferential velocity at the top of the blade is large and the energy generated is large.http://www.jnblower.com/

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