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Amazing Cooler Demand Broad Application Range

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 16, 2017

Cooling fan is a set of cooling, ventilation, dust-proof, evaporative cooling ventilation unit with the deodorant. Its applications include agriculture, Commerce, and cold chain logistics transportation industry, using a wide range can be used in agricultural or commercial freezer, also for Enterprise workshop, public places, commercial entertainment brings fresh air and cooling effect. But because of its energy-saving, environmentally friendly features, in all sectors of refrigeration research concern.

Cold storage dedicated cold machine for for various cold storage (as civil cold storage or combination cold storage) of cooling cooling equipment, like, for Cuvin for 0 ℃ above of cold storage, as save eggs or vegetables of cold storage; for Cuvin for-18 ℃ around of cold storage, as meat, and fish, frozen food of refrigerated with; for Cuvin for-25 ℃ around of cold storage, as meat and fish products or conditioning food of frozen with.

At present, the domestic demand for low temperature refrigeration continued to increase, which laid the cooling fan based on the market demand. Among them, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Guangxi to Viet Nam in low temperature refrigeration, such as building more and more often in the large cold storage, second-tier cities and towns such as small use of central storage of cold storage. With the upgrading of agricultural industry in the future, long-distance transport demand more and more, the Northeast and Northwest market is more mature.

Meanwhile, for a long time, Government support for low temperature refrigeration enterprises, various subsidies policy introduced, agricultural subsidies and other measures has been promoting the country's strong development of low temperature refrigeration industry. In 2013, the refrigeration industry intended to build a cluster chain, national variety of storage cold storage, cold storage, has started construction, Henan province only in food cold storage building on the number of items in more than 34. Number of national projects in the markets add up to low temperature refrigeration market is staggering. Also according to statistics cryogenic cold chain projects in food industry is the fastest-growing market demand, annual growth above 8%.

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