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What specific items should we pay attention to when testing and debugging centrifugal fans?

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

After some observation, it is found that the centrifugal fan is a complicated structure. Including the air inlet, air valve, impeller, motor, air outlet and other components. In the conditions and different conditions, the centrifugal fan shows the effect is different. In this case, due to the different parts of the operation is not uniform, The effect of centrifugal fans will also be affected to some degrees. To achieve an ideal state must debug the centrifugal fan.

In the actual application process, although the centrifugal blower allows full voltage starting or step-down power. But note that when the device is full voltage starting, the current is about 5-7 times the rated current. The starting torque of the buck is proportional to the square of the voltage. When the capacity of the power grid is insufficient, the centrifugal fan should adopt the method of step-down starting. 

Check the power supply, the lines and the various parts of the centrifugal fan itself strictly, make sure that there is no abnormality, then you can enter the test section of the centrifugal fan. It should start low at first, so that you can check that the rotation is correct. When starting high speed, the fan must be stationary before starting, in case of high speed reverse rotation, the tripping of the switch and the damage of the motor are caused.

When the rotational speed of the centrifugal fan is normal, it is also necessary to measure whether the input current of a downwind machine is normal. The requirement is that the operating current of the centrifugal fan shall not exceed its rated current. If the operating current exceeds its rated current, the supplied voltage shall be checked if it is normal.

Under certain working conditions, when the centrifugal fan and the wind box are fully opened, the required power is large. If so, the motor is in danger of damage. So when the centrifugal fan is being tested, turn off the valves on the inlet or outlet of the fan as far as possible. After starting operation, the valve will be opened gradually up to the required working condition.

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