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The role of axial fan and centrifugal fan in mechanical ventilation:

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2018

1. The first ventilation time should be chosen in the daytime because of the big difference between the temperature and the grain temperature, so as to reduce the difference of grain temperature and reduce the occurrence of condensation. In the future, the ventilation should be done at night as far as possible, because the ventilation is mainly in the form of cooling, the air humidity is relatively high and the temperature is low at night, which reduces the water loss, makes full use of the low temperature at night, and improves the cooling effect.

2. In the initial stage of ventilation with centrifugal fan, doors and windows may appear, the wall may be exposed, and even the surface grain surface may be slightly exposed. As long as the fan is stopped, the window is opened, the axial fan is opened, and when necessary, the grain surface is turned over. Remove the hot and humid air from the warehouse. However, the phenomenon of condensation will not appear when the axial fan is used for slow velocity ventilation, but the grain temperature in the upper and middle layers will rise slowly, and the grain temperature will drop steadily as the ventilation continues.

3. When the axial fan is used for slow velocity ventilation, because of the small air volume of the axial fan and the bad conductor of heat, the ventilation of individual parts is easy to occur in the initial stage of ventilation, and the whole grain temperature will be gradually balanced with the continuation of ventilation.

4. The advantages of slow velocity ventilation with axial flow fan are: good cooling effect; low unit energy consumption, especially important in advocating energy saving today; easy to grasp the ventilation opportunity, not easy to appear dew; no need to be equipped with fan alone, convenient and flexible. Shortcomings: due to small air volume, long ventilation time, precipitation effect is not obvious, high water should not be ventilated by axial fan.

5. The advantages of centrifugal fan: cooling, precipitation effect is obvious, ventilation time is short;

Disadvantages: high energy consumption per unit; bad timing of ventilation easy to dew.http://www.jnblower.com/

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