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The range and Application of Air Volume Regulation for Air-Conditioning Fan

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 11, 2018

When the air conditioner is operating, it is the outdoor unit that is responsible for refrigeration or heating, and its indoor unit is effectively responsible for transporting the air conditioning or hot air to the room and carrying the indoor hot air or cold air outdoors through its pipeline. This can achieve the effect of cooling or heating up.


Application of Air-Conditioning Fan

Air-conditioning fans are very suitable for use in mining companies, hotels, large shopping malls and other buildings of various sizes and specifications of air-conditioning boxes, wind cabinet air-conditioning units, central air-conditioning units and various purification purchases, with strong versatility High efficiency, low noise and large air volume. The air volume adjustment mode of the air-conditioning fan includes outlet (import) damper adjustment, vortex damper adjustment, inlet blade adjustment, wing adjustment, and number adjustment.

The air flow regulation range of air conditioning fan is usually in all working conditions below the fan rating curve. When the inlet air valve is regulated, when the pipe is arranged on the suction side of the fan, its regulating principle is the same as that of the outlet air valve. However, when the pipe is set on the exhaust side of the fan, it changes the performance curve of the fan by changing the inlet state parameters (I. E. the inlet pressure) of the fan, so the adjustment is economical. The inlet blade is regulated by adjusting the blade to change the air flow direction of the suction impeller and to change the performance curve of the fan.https://www.jnblower.com/

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