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Reasonable Design of Impeller and requirement of Air Volume for centrifugal Fan

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 27, 2018

The air volume of the centrifugal fan in the process of operation represents the capacity of the equipment to complete ventilation and heat dissipation. There are many factors that affect the air volume of the centrifugal fan during operation. The rotational speed of the centrifugal fan is closely related to the air volume, and it is also one of the more important factors affecting the air volume. First understand the relationship between centrifugal fan speed and air volume.


The centrifugal fan is operated mainly through the rotation of the fan blade of its centrifugal fan. It can be forcibly transported out of a certain volume of air during operation, and the air volume of different types and different types of centrifugal fan is different when it is in operation. The relationship between direct operation and rotational speed is also different.


The centrifugal fan is very convenient in the process of maintenance. Some of its models can be equipped with cleaning doors, and when it is being maintained, it is not necessary to remove the machine. This saves very much time, and the ventilation effect of the whole equipment is good. To a certain extent, it is very suitable for air pumping or air supply in pipes.


The impeller design of centrifugal fan is very reasonable is backward tilting type, in the process of operation is no friction and noise is very low and not easy to dust, maintenance is very convenient. The surface is sprayed, strong oxidation resistance, not easy to be corroded. The casing and impeller are made of high quality steel plates that make centrifugal fans very strong and durable.http://www.jnblower.com/

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