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Pneumatic function and construction angle of centrifugal fan for plastic machinery

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 28, 2018

The centrifugal fan of plastic machinery will have its good pneumatic function in the process of operation, and its impeller and belt adopt strict static and dynamic balance when in use, so its running balance and vibration are small to a certain extent. High efficiency and long service life advantages, such as loosening the upper cover, end cover screws, when disassembling must be done with the upper cover, cover and bearing seat matching mark, to retain the upper cover and end cover of the original gasket.

The centrifugal fan of plastic machinery is analyzed from the point of view of structure, in which the key parts of the centrifugal fan are respectively the shell, which is generally made of steel plate, which can be divided into integral type and semi-open type, and the semi-open type is easy to be overhauled. The impeller is made up of blade, curved front plate and flat plate. The rotor needs static balance and dynamic balance to ensure smooth rotation and good performance. The transmission part is mainly composed of spindle, bearing box, rolling bearing and pulley.

To a certain extent, the centrifugal fan of plastic machinery can be regarded as a variable flow constant pressure device. In the process of operation, the theoretical curve of pressure and flow rate of the equipment should be a straight line when the rotational speed is constant. After the work is done, we need to shut down the centrifugal fan equipment according to the correct operation. The specific operation steps are as follows: 1, open the emptying valve in turn, and gradually close the exhaust valve.  2, gradually close the intake throttle to 20~25 °. 3, press the stop button, and pay attention to whether there is any abnormal phenomenon in the process of shutdown.

Oil may be stopped when the centrifugal fan stops running for five to ten minutes, or when the bearing temperature is reduced to less than 45 degrees. After the centrifugal fan unit is stopped, the rotor should be periodically driven 180 ° in 2 hours.http://www.jnblower.com/

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