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Operation characteristics of two or more centrifugal fans in parallel

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Many large enclosed spaces or factories use two or more centrifugal fans to operate in parallel. If two centrifugal fan equipment of different types are connected in parallel, for example, a large, small, two typhoon turbines, then the small fan may be running but it will not be able to deliver gas at all, and in fact it will not work. The gas only rotates and heats inside the fan, and only the large fan conveys gas in the system.


When two centrifugal fan equipments of the same type are connected in parallel, the wind pressure of each typhoon machine is larger than that of one unit. It can be seen from this that the total air volume of two fans of the same type is not twice as much as that of a single typhoon when it is running alone, but is less than two times, and the wind volume after parallel operation does not reach the level of one more typhoon.


If two parallel centrifugal fan equipment model is the same in parallel, can be obtained according to the centrifugal pump parallel characteristic curve method. According to the principle of unchanging wind pressure after parallel connection and superposition of air volume of two fans, the characteristic curve after parallel connection is obtained by graphic method.


It should be noted that the increase in actual air volume is often directly affected by the steepness of the characteristic curve of the fan pipeline system after the two centrifugal fans of the same type are connected in parallel. In general, the steeper the characteristic curve of pipeline system is, the larger the impedance is, the smaller the air volume is after parallel connection, and the greater the increase in air volume is; if the parallel connection is used to increase the air volume, it is used as far as possible in the system with less pipeline resistance.http://www.jnblower.com/

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