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Mechanical Fault Analysis and its eliminating method Table

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 24, 2018


Fault name

Cause of failur

Elimination method


Impeller damage or deformation

Blade surface or nail head corrosion or wear.

Rivets and blades are loose.

The skew of impeller is too large after deformation, so that the radial runout or end runout of impeller is too large.

In case of individual damage, individual parts should be replaced, if more than half damaged, the impeller should be replaced.

Fasten with small punch, if still invalid, need to replace rivets.

After removing the impeller, straighten it with a hammer, or lay the impeller flat, pressing a side edge of the wheel


Housing overheating

In the case of valve closure, fan operation time is too long.

Stop running. Wait for cooling and then start.


Wear or tear of sealing ring

The seal ring and the shaft sleeve are worn out in normal operation.

The housing is deformed and the seal ring is worn out on one side.

If the rotor vibration is too large, the radial amplitude of the rotor is half greater than that of the seal teeth with seal radial clearance into hard debris. Such as metal, welding slag, etc.

The thrust bush dissolves and seals the ring against the sealing teeth.

Understand the external factors, then replace the seal ring, and re-adjust and find the position of the seal ring.


To slide down or jump

The position of the two wheels is not located, and they are not on the same centerline.

Two belt wheels are close or too long.

Re-find the tightness of the positive belt adjustment belt, its method, or adjust the distance between the two-belt wheels, or replace the suitable belt.

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