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Manufacturing method and Importance of Cleaning of the Disc Tube in the Centrifugal Fan

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 06, 2018

In centrifugal fan, coil is one of the most important parts. As a heat exchanger, most of them are made of copper tube string, aluminum sheet and mechanical expansion tube. In addition, the coil of centrifugal fan can be made into two or three rows of tubes.

Centrifugal fan coils are usually equipped with coarse filter, because of its large hole, dust passes through the filter at the beginning of use and is attached to the tube or rib surface of the coil. If not cleaned in time, the heat exchange between the cold and hot water in the coil and the air flowing outside the coil will be reduced, which will make the heat transfer efficiency of the coil not fully play out.

if a plurality of dust is attached to the coiled pipe of the centrifugal fan , even some air passages between the ribs are blocked, resulting in a significant reduction in the air supply volume of the centrifugal fan, thereby reducing the heat exchange efficiency and affecting the function of the centrifugal fan.

Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of the coil, and to make full use of its efficacy, it must be cleaned regularly. And it is not only the parts of the coil, but all the parts in the centrifugal fan, including the filter net and the dripping tray, can not be ignored.


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