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Main forms and advantages of Air-Conditioning Fan

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 31, 2018

The air exchange function of the air conditioner fan is mainly through the treatment of its indoor and outdoor air during the operation, so that it can effectively ensure that its indoor air is often renewed and fresh and natural. To a certain extent, the air conditioning fan increases the indoor reactive oxygen species and negative ion fan through its special facilities, which is beneficial to human health.

To a certain extent, the air-conditioning fan mainly adopts the frequency conversion energy saving system, which can make the power consumption reach the minimum. The whole equipment mainly uses the network to realize the remote control of the air conditioning. In addition to pay attention to health, energy saving, low noise and comfort, air conditioning is innovated in appearance to make it more novel, fashionable and decorative.

The main types of air-conditioning fan are straight-connected (external rotor centrifugal fan) and belt-driven centrifugal fan.

1. The centrifugal fan with outer rotor is small in size and compact in structure. The whole product is widely used in the end unit of air conditioning. Its direct transmission has no transmission loss and the running cost is relatively low.

2. The centrifugal fan with belt drive has low wind speed, good noise and high efficiency when it is operated. Changing the diameter of the belt wheel can change the speed of the main shaft of the fan, so it can change the working condition of the fan and adapt to the use of any air conditioning terminal unit.


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