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Influence of shape size and structure on centrifugal Fan

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 07, 2018

Today to introduce to you is a somewhat special fan, it is centrifugal fan, compared to other types of fan products, the more obvious advantage is that the operation of the noise generated by the process is relatively low. But it seems to be bigger than the average fan.

It is because the structure of the centrifugal fan and the ordinary fan is different, so in the case of the same wind and wind pressure, the power consumption of the centrifugal fan is much larger than that of the ordinary fan. People will prefer centrifugal fans when choosing fan products , but they will also choose axial fans in terms of fire ventilation .

Especially in some high-end hotels, many require priority to use centrifugal fans, because centrifugal fans have more advantages than other fans in combination selection of large air volume and large wind pressure. In addition to the above principles, attention should be paid to whether the outer size and structure of the centrifugal fan are consistent with the equipment in the selection of the centrifugal fan. Avoid the difference of the diameter , hole spacing and thickness of the fan in the installation process , which can not be used for installation .

Since the inner structure and the material of the centrifugal fan directly influence the performance and service life of the fan , the centrifugal fan should be subjected to relevant performance or aging test during the sample test phase . Through the detection , the operation of the wind function under the required environmental conditions is ensured , and the working life of the fan is ensured.

You know, a good design can not only prolong the service life of the centrifugal fan, but also ensure the safety of the equipment during operation. From the overall design of centrifugal fan, it can be seen that the design defects which are easy to accelerate corrosion are stress concentration tendency and gap environment, sometimes even though the corrosion rate in metal immersion solution is small. However, the formation of cracks will cause serious crevice corrosion.

In view of this, in the face of your different material and separation requirements, you need to choose different models. After the model and the main parameters are determined, according to the corrosion resistance of different materials in different environments , the strength part material is determined from the basic plane by combining the physical and chemical characteristics , cost performance and other factors .


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