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How to improve the Service Life of Axial Fan

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 06, 2018

In the operation of the main engine factory of axial fan and air conditioner, it is mainly based on the experience data of the resistance of the air cooler and the heat exchange needed to select the fan. The axial flow fan is often used in all kinds of air-cooled heat pump units and air-cooled unit air conditioners. Multiple air conditioners, etc. According to the design parameters of the surface cooler, the free axial fan with low static pressure or the axial fan with relatively high static pressure can be used.

How to improve the Service Life of Axial Fan

1. It is important to choose the right position. The different installation position of axial fan will not only have difference in function effect, but also affect the maintenance work in the future. Therefore, the user should know the importance of selecting the installation position of the fan and pay attention to the installation of the fan in the position where the fan can not only present the best functional effect but also facilitate the maintenance work.

2. The fan must be operated in accordance with the requirements in the manual. In order to avoid the damage caused by the wrong operation to the fan and to affect the operation effect of the fan, it is required that the user should pay attention to all aspects of the operation in strict accordance with the requirements of the specification when using the axial flow fan.

3. In order to do a good job in the maintenance of the fan, it is necessary for the user to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the fan, and to ensure that the fan has a stable and reliable function by ensuring that the fan is in a good condition all the time.http://www.jnblower.com/

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