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Factors related to Axial-Flow Fan area and the need for Diffusion Tube

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 08, 2018

1. Is the soft connection on the axial fan important?

This component is very important to the fan and can be said to be essential because it serves to mitigate the vibration at the start of the fan, thereby reducing or avoiding the damage caused by the vibration to the fan. Can also extend the service life of fan.

2. Axial-flow fan area, generally related to what?

Generally speaking, the use area of axial fan is related to the amount of air exchange per hour, and by the amount of air exchange per hour, the relevant calculation work can be carried out smoothly, such as the amount of air required per hour.

If the height of the site is 5 metres, then based on the air exchange frequency of 10 times per hour, the required air volume per hour is 300 kW / h, 1010m / m, and an axial flow fan of 0.75 kilowatts is used. Because its hourly air volume is 7000 square meters, so, need to use two to meet the use requirements.

3. Is the outlet of the axial fan fitted with a diffuser?

The outlet of an axial fan does not necessarily require the installation of a diffuser, but depends on whether it is necessary to use it. If necessary, install the diffuser tube; if not, do not install this component. Also, this is not part of the main and necessary parts of the axial fan.

4. Axial flow fan 380 v × 50hz × 3 p, what is the specific meaning? In addition, how should the capacitance in the power frequency axial flow fan be properly connected?

Axial flow fan 380v × 50hz × 3P , its specific meaning is : this representation refers to the fan power supply , which indicates that the power supply of the fan is a three - phase power supply of 380 V , and is a three - phase power supply of 50 Hz . The power frequency axial flow fan is connected in the outside , and it is convenient for replacement work .http://www.jnblower.com/

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