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Centrifugal requirements and discharge medium of centrifugal Fan for Boiler

Wuxi JN Fan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 29, 2018

In operation, the centrifugal fan of the boiler emits the fuel oil in the boiler as well as the flue gas from burning coal. If there are anti-wear measures for the blade and the inner wall of the casing of the equipment, if the anti-wear measure is a heavy oil burning boiler, We should pay attention to the low temperature corrosion caused by sulfur in the exhaust gas and protect the blade of the fan. Centrifugal fan is used. Since the exhaust temperature is up to 150 ℃, the bearing box should be equipped with water cooling device.

The gas circulating fan of the centrifugal fan of boiler conveys the gas in the boiler. Because the temperature of the flue gas of the boiler is relatively high, the heat resistance strength and structure of the boiler should be fixed, the blade should have anti-wear measures, and the bearing box should have water cooling device. In order to prevent the thermal deformation when stopping, often installed the wheel device. The fan is centrifugal.

The exhaust smoke and desulfurization ventilator of the centrifugal fan of the boiler is the flue gas of the boiler. The fan is of centrifugal type and installed on the surface of the desulphurization device. When the fan is installed in the back of the desulphurization unit as the induced fan, the air being pumped is corrosive gas. Therefore, corrosion resistant materials should be used.www.jnblower.com

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